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We are proud to offer in-house ultrasound not only as a diagnostic tool but also for "wellness" scans incorporated as a part of preventative care.

Why Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a rewarding tool used daily in the practice of companion animal medicine.  It is non-invasive and can aid in the diagnosis of mysterious ailments.  
Sometimes, an illness remains elusive even after blood work, urinalysis, and x rays have been performed.  
Ultrasound can be used to guide a needle for biopsy, which can be a powerful source of information in cases whereby a tumor or growth is seen, or when an organ is enlarged or abnormal in appearance.  

What does a ultrasound find/look for?

Ultrasound can elucidate worrisome conditions such as gall stones, urinary bladder stones, kidney stones, inflammatory bowel disease, cancers like lymphoma, liver cancer, bowel cancer, bladder cancer, pancreatitis, adrenal gland disorders, enlarged prostates, congenital polycystic kidney disease, cancer of the spleen, and liver disease such as hepatitis and hepatic lipidosis.  

Ultrasound can also reveal good things like pregnancy!  Fetuses can be visualized as soon as 20 days of pregnancy.  A two dimensional picture in black and white is generated on a screen,.  The images are stored on a computer and can be digitally emailed to other veterinarians or specialists for consultation. 

How long does a ultrasound take?

A complete ultrasound exam of the abdomen usually takes about 20 minutes, and most dogs and cats remain relaxed throughout the procedure.  The tummy hair will need to be shaved.
Mild sedation may sometimes be used, especially if a biopsy in indicated.


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