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Pet Nutrition

Achieve the right nutritional balance.

Diet is an often overlooked part of a pet’s overall health and well-being. It should come as no surprise that what your pet eats, as well as how much they eat, directly impacts their health. Achieving the right nutritional balance will allow your pet to better manage any existing medical conditions and significantly improve their quality of life.

The Family Pet Clinic of Redondo Beach is pleased to provide a high-quality line of Hills prescription foods for the benefit of your pet’s health. Hills makes it super easy with their “Hills to Home” food delivery service to sign up and start receiving free home delivery of your pet’s prescribed nutrition plan. 

By signing up, your Family Pet Clinic of Redondo Beach veterinarian will create your pet’s very own nutrition plan which specifies the prescribed food product with quick and easy click to order.

To begin using this convenient service please click HERE and sign up.

Making the Best Decisions for Your Pet

One of the biggest issues when it comes to maintaining good nutrition for pets is the amount of confusing information being presented to owners. The sheer number of pet food brands promising to be the best option for your pet can make anyone feel overwhelmed or exhausted. In addition to that, information about what does and does not constitute a healthy weight for an individual pet isn’t always readily available.

What’s great about having the support of a team that doesn’t believe veterinary medicine should be one-size-fits-all is being able to seek recommendations unique to your pet. Our veterinarians and veterinary technicians have training and firsthand experience dealing with various aspects of pet nutrition. Whether you need pet food recommendations or you’d like us to create a personalized exercise plan to assist your pet with weight loss, we can help.

If you’d like to schedule a pet nutrition or weight loss consultation, call us at (310) 376-0072 or schedule an appointment online.

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